Any warning light comes in a car it does panic people. We’ll look at it and then we’ll come up with a solution that fixes the problem and allows the customer to feel that they’ve been looked after. German Automotive’s the main dealer alternative. Where we specialise in German Brands. We finish the cars to the standard of what the dealer so it doesn’t invalidate any warranties. You know we’re quite happy to take you into our workshop, show you around, the technicians. So we offer service work to the manufacturer schedule, MOT, repairs, diagnostics, air conditioning, cam belt changes, and all aspects of repairs on vehicles. You know obviously, your car is an expensive product. What we do here, we like to look after your car, and nothing is happier than you know seeing at the end of the day the client going out happy with a nice clean car, of the day the client going out happy with a nice clean car. The car’s clean inside and out when it comes in. You know we come here, we offer courtesy car service. The vehicles are cleaned inside and out. When they go back out you know the technicians work to a very high standard. We’re lucky enough that they’re all factory trained. We’re also lucky that we have access to all the factory technical data for recalls campaigns, and so we’re very much like a dealer where we interact with the manufacturers and get the same information as the dealer does. We take pride in your car as much as you do. If you do hear of noise or you have any problems always just come and get it checked out. We are, you know the job is number one, independent. You know we’ve best, we pride ourselves on that. We’ve been established for over 12 years now. We really are the true alternative to the main dealer. Pick up the phone, give us a call and we’ll try to help you as much as we can.


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