Car Servicing

You didn’t compromise on your choice of car, so why compromise with its servicing? Let the experts in servicing look after it for you when you need your annual service. By keeping your car properly maintained you’ll reduce the risk of having a breakdown and also help to keep the value of your car.

Using only genuine or OEM parts, we understand all the levels of servicing, giving you peace of mind, your vehicle will be serviced to manufacturers recommendations.

What can you expect from our service?

 An annual service ensures that your car is safe, reliable and in good working order. Whether you need a full or an interim service will be determined by the age of your car and the mileage you do. Your handbook should explain how often it is required for your particular vehicle.

Why choose car servicing in Derby by German Automotive?

We specialise in German cars so we know how to look after your vehicle while it is in our care. Once we are finished, service lights are reset, your service book is stamped up to date, and you get to drive away safe in the knowledge that your warranty is not affected.

We take pride in the work that we do and the service which we deliver. We never compromise on quality and we still have some of the best prices around.

Need an MOT? We can help with that too.

Please call us with your vehicle details and we will be happy to advise on our car servicing in Derby.

Collection, delivery & courtesy car services available on request.