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What is an MOT

Cars over three years old must by law pass a yearly MOT test to show they are roadworthy. Here you can find out more about the MOT, including the five most common simple reasons why cars fail it. There’s also a checklist to help you give your car the best chance of a...

A brief history of Volkswagen

Of the ten top-selling car models in history, three are Volkswagen; the Beetle, the Golf and the Passat. Not one for fancy branding strategies, the current VW tagline is simply “Das Auto”, which literally translates to “the car”. They are Germany’s biggest car company...

A brief history of Skoda

Founded in 1859, Skoda has had a very interesting history as both a state-owned and privately owned car manufacturer. By 2016, Skoda sales had reached 1.13 million cars and profit had risen by 6.5%. But, how did this Czech manufacturer come to be? We take a...

A brief history of SEAT

Although it is an impressive 67 years old, SEAT is one of the younger car manufacturers, and its sporty cars show that it has no plans to slow down. Popularity for SEAT has grown and grown and seeing a SEAT on the road in the UK is as common as seeing a Golf or a...

A brief history of Porsche

Porsche are one of the most well-known brands in the world. Synonymous with luxury and style, Porsche has become just as much of a status symbol as designer clothes or luxury holidays. But how did the car manufacturer become the luxury icon it is today? Let's...

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A brief history of Mini

Cute, iconic and unmistakably British, the Mini is an instantly recognisable little car with a devoted fan base. Despite its diminutive size, it has space for four passengers and even room for luggage in the boot. In 1999, the Mini was voted the second most...

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A brief history of Mercedes-Benz

Alternately referred to as Benz, Mercedes or Merc, Mercedes-Benz is about as much of a household name as is possible within the automotive industry. The mere mention of Mercedes conjures far more than just cars. Such brand recognition and identity, arguably...

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A brief history of BMW

BMW are one of the most well-known, established car brands in the world. Producing both executive and city cars alike, BMW has a rich and interesting history. In fact, BMW started as three other manufacturing companies. So how did it become the prestigious car...

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A brief history of Bentley

Far more than just a luxury automobile, a Bentley is a statement. Owning one says you’re either fabulously rich or would rather drive a Bentley than have a place to live. Bentley represents British elegance like no other. The Queen’s private limousine is a special...

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A brief history of Audi

Audi is one of the best-selling luxury automobile manufacturers in the world. However, the origins of the German brand are complex and colourful, to say the least. Behind the name of every car company, there’s a story. Sometimes it’s as simple as the name of the...

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How to Change an Auto Fuel Filter

With practically every new car on the road, today powered by fuel injection, keeping the fuel system clean is critical. A tiny grain of dirt can clog injectors, leading to erratic performance and lousy gas mileage. Changing your auto fuel filter every 10,000 to 15,000...

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How to Rotate Tires

Learn how to rotate tires the right way with this guide Rotating tires is more than swapping the tires around. How you rotate your tires depends on factors specific to your vehicle. We'll show you all you need to know to rotate your tires the right way. Why rotate...

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10 car cleaning tips

Washing your car can be a bit of a bore, especially if it doesn’t end up much cleaner than it was when you started. But do it right, and your car can look like a gleaming new showroom model and be a place you actually want to spend time in.Don’t just throw a bucket of...

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Here’s Your Basic Car Maintenance Schedule

More than ever, people are looking to maintain their vehicles at home. Knowing what exactly needs to be done on today's vehicles, and when to do it, can be challenging. That's why we've broken it all down for you by time and mileage in one comprehensive service...

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How to Plan Your Dream Road Trip

The open road has few rivals but there's one thing that comes a close second to the joy of a road trip: planning one. Getting excited about the car & the places you'll see just enhances the anticipation. There's a skill to planning the perfect road trip, though....

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Dashboard Warning Lights Guide

Modern cars are filled with electronics and packed with sensors to monitor how your vehicle is behaving. It’s important to know what car dashboard warning lights mean because you might be able to avoid a car breakdown or full-on failure. So here's what the different...

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Tyres: The Ultimate Guide

Tyres are possibly the most important part of your car. The four rings of rubber wrapped around your wheels are the vehicle’s only connection with the road, and without them, you wouldn’t be able to drive. Many factors govern what makes a good, safe and legal tyre....

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Tips on Towing for First-Timers

Some of the most fun you can have involves hitching up a trailer and driving off into the sunset. Hauling a trailer isn't for the faint of heart though. It pays to be prepared. Whether you're heading to the lake or hitting the dirt track or heading off to the job...

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What Your Car’s missions Are Telling You

You probably see this all the time. The car in front of you is spitting out puffs of white from its tailpipe, while the car next to it appears to have no emissions. Sometimes it accelerates, leaving a thin trail of water pouring out. At other times, it's even worse...

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Road trip tips to save fuel and money

With summer on its way, it makes sense that you'll want to save some fuel and money on your holiday. Here are some road trip tips that can help. Tyre inflation: Think about how tough it is to ride a bicycle with a low tyre. That's because an underinflated tyre has...

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Anti-Lock Brakes vs. Power Brakes

After the '60s, power brakes were the preferred feature on most vehicles and usually came standard on newer cars. Then, starting in the '90s, anti-lock brakes (or ABS) came along. What's the difference, anyway? Let's break this down a little bit. POWER BRAKES When you...

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What to Do When Your Car Won’t Start

It's a terrible feeling when you get into your vehicle to go to work, turn the key, and it won't start. We can't help with you being late, but maybe we can figure out what's wrong with your vehicle. Here's where to start...when your engine won't start. CAR WON'T CRANK...

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How Does a Turbocharger Work?

Auto manufacturers have almost exclusively used turbochargers in sports cars or race cars in the last couple of decades. Considering their main purpose is to provide a large boost in power, that does make a lot of sense. Now that automakers need to improve the fuel...

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How Does a Car Radiator Work?

Whenever internal combustion engines are running, they’re generating heat, and once the engine reaches its optimal operating temperature, that excess heat has to be removed to prevent the build up of high temperatures that will damage an engine.

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